With the Nutanix system you have the benefit of your own private cloud on your own premises. You know exactly where your data is stored and it is totally under your own control

Other cloud systems offer you storage, but where is you data?  Today it might be in Britain, tomorrow it might be in a country a long way away as it reorganises itself, albeit to provide speed of access and to avoid bottle necks.

The Nutanix solution does all the same things within itself so you maintain control of where your data is kept and you know it is.

Nutanix offers you virtualisation – the ability to create virtual servers on the Nutanix platform – as many as you need, so your servers and the associated storage are where you want them.

Nutanix also offers automated backup, so you can schedule backups of the data to an offsite location – of your choosing, you still know where you are sending it.

A few of the key points offered by Nutanix are as follows:

  • More efficient and reduces the infrastructure in size and complexity from a room full of servers to a single rack.
  • Constant back up of data, failure at one point is picked up at a second point and then a third as necessary.
  • Reduced level of expertise needed to run your systems and manual end of day backups virtually eliminated.
  • Highly scalable to meet end user demand, improve performance and security.
  • Easier to control and monitor reducing operational load by up to 50%.
  • All your systems are viewed via a single point e.g. a console giving a global picture of the entire operation.

So why Nutanix

Almost every hardware manufacture has now formed a relationship with Nutanix including large providers such as IBM.

Google, the biggest player in cloud technology, have now scontracted with Nutanix

It is the most significant change in IT since servers and the desk top took over in the 1990s

In the same way the cloud has transformed the way we live our lives personally via smart phones, shopping and information, Nutanix is ding the same for companys’ IT.