Cronus Cyber Security

Cronus is a unique product for Cyber Security – the first integrated automated solution

It automates Pen Testing, Vulnerability Management and ensures critical Business Processes are monitored and protected.

  • Pen test 1 million attack paths continuously monitored 24 x7 – a unique benefit of Cronus
  • All your systems and networks are covered.. you save on expensive external Pen Testing
  • Vulnerability Scanners cannot run in real time and must be scheduled to work to avoid crashing your system or network – Cronus closes this gap for you
  • Global Attack path – Shows you what to fix where to fix and how to fix the vulnerabilities that matter
  • No need to close your entire network to effect a fix
  • Works in the cloud and any Network environment either on site or as a managed service
  • Cybot will not flood a network or make it slow down due to our patented technology with a very low footprint on the network (around 7%) required of the network band width because it is Whitebox solution

We offer a POC . It is a useful exercise as it may uncover potential embedded unknown vulnerabilities within Hassan’s infrastructure

continuous security monitiring


Perform continuous scans all year round, valid for both vulnerability management and penetration testing to stay on top of your network’s security 24/7. See live map and get real-time alerts on current threats to your business processes

global cyber security


Cybot can be deployed globally and showcase global Attack Path Scenarios ™ so you can see how a hacker can hop from a workstation in the UK to a router in Germany to a database in the US. This capability is unique both for penetration testing as well as for vulnerability management.  The various CyBot Pros will be managed by a single Enterprise dashboard.

business cyber security

Business Process Focused

CyBot brings context to each asset it scans, checking how it could affect a business process. In this way, you can funnel all your vulnerabilities and first focus on those that are exploitable and that are a part of an attack path to a critical asset or business process. This greatly reduces the resources needed for patching and ensures business continuity.